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Burlington Police Complete Criminal Intelligence Liaison Officer Training Program

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

BURLINGTON — Chief Michael Kent is pleased to announce that Lt. Glen Mills and Detective James Tigges of the Burlington Police Department completed the Criminal Intelligence Liaison Officer Training Program yesterday.

The advanced training was held at the Commonwealth Fusion Center in Maynard on Sept. 27.

As Criminal Intelligence Liaison Officers, Lt. Mills and Detective Tigges will now act as conduits between the department and the Fusion Center to facilitate and exchange intelligence and information between Burlington, state and federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

The training focused on the following areas:

  •  Services that are available to law enforcement agencies through the Department of Homeland Security
  •  Responding to the threat of homegrown terrorism and lone wolf attacks
  • An overview of the Fusion Center and privacy laws
  • Suspicious activity reporting procedures
  • The Terrorist Screening Center
  •  Intelligence based databases

“This training provided valuable insight and information on how Burlington Police can best work with the Fusion Center to exchange information with our law enforcement partners on a variety of critical topics,” Chief Kent said. “As Liaison Officers, Lt. Mills and Detective Tigges will lead the department through this process.”

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